Public Sector Audits

The committee was set up in mid 2012 for the purpose of contributing to the training and development of chartered accountants in services provided to the public sector, in annual financial statement audit tasks - pursuant to current law- and in collaboration with internal and external control bodies in tasks related to financial and tax control, respectively, and in all other types of cooperation provided by chartered accountants to the public sector.

In this regard, the committee was set up with the aim of encouraging transversality among private auditors and public sector control bodies, through the permanent or occasional incorporation of the members of these bodies.  

Its main objectives are to provide continuous training for chartered accountants and for all those interested in this area, to provide an introduction to the different subject for all professionals who so require and to adapt the activities of chartered accountants in the public sector to ethical standards, professional standards and to the standards that apply specifically to the public sector.
  • Colaboración en la organización de la Jornada de Auditoría del Sector Público
  • Participación en la revista núm. 81: “Resumen de las sesiones de la 9ª Jornada de Auditoría del Sector Público – Nuevas perspectivas del sector público”.
  • Coordinación conjuntamente con la Escuela de Auditoría actividades de formación relacionadas con el sector público local.
  • En el si de la comisión se comparten experiencias en trabajos del sector público, se comentan legislaciones en materia de administraciones públicas y se comentan los aspectos tratados en la comisión del sector público del ICJCE, para poder evaluar que acciones concretas se tienen que desarrollar de cara al colectivo.
  • Yolanda Olius

    Yolanda Olius

    Grant Thornton, SLP

  • Miguel Ángel Catalán

    Miguel Ángel Catalán

    Auren Auditors BCN, SLP

  • Aurelio Corella

    Aurelio Corella

    Association of Local Government Secretaries, Auditors and Treasurers of Barcelona (CSITAL)

  • David Eraso

    David Eraso

    Deloitte, SL

  • Joan Guerrero

    Joan Guerrero

    Deputy General Director of Accounting of the General Intervention of the Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Yolanda Olius

    Yolanda Olius

    Grant Thornton, SLP

  • Ivan Puig

    Ivan Puig

    Sub-Director General for Control of Enterprises and Public Entities of Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Francesc Rosa

    Francesc Rosa

    Vidiella y Rosa. Auditores CJC Asociados, SRC

  • Pere Ruiz

    Pere Ruiz

    Faura-Casas. Auditors-Consultors, SL

  • Enric Sobrans

    Enric Sobrans

    Audria. Auditoria y Consultoria, SLP

  • Juan Ramon Tugas

    Juan Ramon Tugas

    PricewaterhouseCoopers Auditores, SL

  • Joan Camps

    Joan Camps

    Uniaudit Oliver Camps, SL