• Establishing all manner of contacts, relationships and exchanges with “senior members” of other Associations and/or other with other associations, groups and entities in matters that could be of interest to the Association and its members.
  • Guiding and monitoring the professional chartered accountants proposed by the Governing Board, at the start of their careers or at any time during their careers, in accordance with the policies of the Association.
  • Organising conference cycles with relevant persons from our sector and/or the humanistic perspective and organising all manner of professional, cultural, training, leisure, sports and other activities targeted preferably at the members of the Association.
  • Preparation and presentation of proposals to the Association's Governing Body, related to the interests of this group.
  • Cooperation in projects promoted by the Association related to the corporate social responsibility area.
  • Consolidate the training of the Association's members in other skills and/or competencies apart from the purely technical ones that they need to exercise their profession.
  • Consolidate initiatives in research and development areas in subjects related to the exercise of the profession.
  • Support for the Ship2B Foundation in development best practices and in organising events aimed at their dissemination in the represented areas.
  • Cooperation with EFEC in an attempt to enrol volunteers to give classes in different schools in Catalonia to which we are committed to imparting teaching, and attempting to instil our philosophy and values among students.
  • Assisting Management and the governing boards of the Association in the design of a satisfaction survey, diverse interests, etc., to be carried out by our association.
  • Organising at least 3 conferences a year for our association related to humanities and subjects linked to peace and the settling of conflicts.
  • Set up agreements with other institutions to offer our members the chance to travel or attend cultural conferences in the most favourable conditions.
  • Contact the Senior Committees of other professional bodies in Spain and abroad, to find topics of interest that we can offer to our members.
  • Joan Aldomà

    Joan Aldomà

  • Daniel Faura

    Daniel Faura

  • José Antonio del Castillo

    José Antonio del Castillo


  • José Luis Fernández

    José Luis Fernández

  • Joan Lagen

    Joan Lagen


  • Joan Mallafré

    Joan Mallafré

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    Enric Miró



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    Carlos Soria

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    Manel Vilar