Technical Committee

As set out in its Bylaws, the Committee takes charge of promoting and maintaining the level of quality of the professional activities carried out by members, in conjunction with the Governing Board.

This year, as in previous years, the Committee will continue to prepare guides and material related to the regional scope of the Committee and within a general scope, together with the Technical and Quality Control Committees (CTCC) of the ICJCE.
  • It provides support to the members of the Technical Department in responding to queries and in interpreting legislation of interest to the association.
  • It analyses and evaluates matters of general interest to the assocation in order to issue informative circulars in relation to aspects applicable to Catalonia and in relation to aspects concerning the state, submitting them to the ICJCE Technical Committee for consideration –a member of the Committee is also present at its meetings- and if it is requested to, it helps prepare the technical documentation.
  • It makes comments to the Catalan regulatory bodies regarding different regional legislation affecting the association or of interest to it.
  • Jordi Anducas

    Jordi Anducas

    RSM Spain Auditores, SLP

  • Ana Baro

    Ana Baro

    CCJCC Technical Department

  • Juan Luis Casanova

    Juan Luis Casanova


  • Enrique de Fez

    Enrique de Fez

    Faura-Casas Auditors-Consultors

  • Francisco Enrique

    Francisco Enrique

    Deloitte, SL

  • Manuel V. Martínez

    Manuel V. Martínez

    KPMG Auditores, SL

  • Xavier Pujol - President

    Xavier Pujol - President

    Ernst & Young, SL

  • Rosa Puigvert

    Rosa Puigvert

    CCJCC Technical Department

  • Javier Romero

    Javier Romero


  • Josep Domènec Salas

    Josep Domènec Salas

    PricewaterhoseCoopers Auditores, SL

  • Gemma Soligó

    Gemma Soligó

    Grant Thornton, SLP