The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was set up in 2006. Its mission is to promote the responsibility of auditors. It aims to be a benchmark in matters related to responsibility for members and for society.

The overall objectives of the Committee are to:
  • Ensure the Association continues to be a benchmark for CSR in the eyes of its members and society.
  • Study, debate, reflection and opinion on aspects related to CSR.
  • Study the standards regarding the preparation of Sustainability reports and for verifying those reports and as appropriate, contribute their opinions.
  • Promote training in corporate social responsibility.
  • Establish relations and cooperation with other entities related to sustainable development.

The Committee has representatives from the following sectors:
  • Enterprise
  • Consulting
  • Press
  • Business schools
  • Universities
  • Auditors
This Committee is open to other interested parties.
  • Start of the second CSR training cycle with the participation of the Committee members.
  • Organisation of the Forum session Trends in reporting and audits in the CSR area and Agreement for transparency between the CCJCC and the Global Compact Spanish Network.
  • Organisation of the 3rd CSR Conference “Responsible leadership against corruption”.
  • Joint organisation of the Event with the Global Compact Spanish Network, entitled “ Transparency, a fundamental element in enabling Spain to comply with the 2030 Agenda”.
  • Articles in l’Auditor magazine: "The 5P of sustainable development" by Vanesa Rodriguez and "Institut Cerdà 30 years of innovation and commitment", byr Daniel Ortiz.
  • Proposals for cooperation aid awarded by the CCJCC.
  • Participation of a member of the Committee in the Transparency Award Jury.
  • Noelia Acosta

    Noelia Acosta

    Audiaxis Auditores, SLP

  • Josep M. Canyelles

    Josep M. Canyelles

    Vector5 I excel·lència i sostenibilitat

  • Maeba Lopez

    Maeba Lopez


  • Xavier Cardona

    Xavier Cardona

    Coordinator Col·legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Catalunya

  • Xavier Carbonell

    Xavier Carbonell

    Mango chair

  • Margarita de Rosselló

    Margarita de Rosselló


  • Xavi Giner

    Xavi Giner


  • Joan Fontrodona

    Joan Fontrodona


  • Jordi Martí

    Jordi Martí

    Training Coordinator Audit School Access

  • Patricia Reverter

    Patricia Reverter

  • Carlos Cerdan

    Carlos Cerdan


  • Sergi Puig-Serra

    Sergi Puig-Serra

    Grant Thornton