General assembly

The General Assembly is the sovereign body of the Association and its resolutions are binding on all members, including those absent or dissident, if any.

The bylaws of the Association, set out in chapter two, devote articles 16 to 30, inclusive, to the establishment and regulation of the General Assembly function, from its call, presidency and session times, to the passiong of resolutions, no confidence motions and appointment of committees.

The General Assembly meets during the first four months of the year to approve the audited annual financial statements and settlement of the previous year's budget, and holds another meeting during the last quarter of the year to approve the budget for the following year.

Members have the right to formulate specific proposals addressed to the Governing Board for them to be discussed and voted at the assembly. Such proposals must be submitted in writing and signed by at least 5% of the members, no less than five days before the approval of the budget for the following year.