The mission of the Association is to express the professional and social sensitivities of the members it represents; finding paths and ways to fulfil its obligations towards the group and working to carry them out, in order to fulfil a vision: that of achieving public recognition of the value contributed by a profession -auditing- that has always been linked to the notions of reliability, rigour, usefulness, independence and commitment.

The Association was set up on 28 June 1995, by the unanimous agreement of the Parliament of Catalonia, through Act 7/1995, reinstating the institution created in 1931 as the Association of Chartered Accountants of Catalonia. It is a Catalan corporation governed by public law formed by qualified Chartered Accountants who can carry out their professional activities in Catalonia, including the auditing profession.

The basic aim of the Association is to to defend the interests of the profession, ensuring that the professional activity of its members responds to the needs of society and guaranteeing the fulfilment of best practices and ethical obligations of professionals.

Auditing professionals, through their independence of criterion, training and professional experience, guarantee the reliability and transparency of financial information. For this reason the Association provides continuous training to its members in all fields of the profession, and to their staff and partners, providing them with technical support and updating their knowledge to allow them to correctly perform their tasks as auditors.