Collaborative agreements

  • Institut d'Estudis Financers

    Institut d'Estudis Financers

    Agreement to publicize and disseminate the EFEC Program to the colleges and offer them the opportunity to present themselves as volunteer trainers of the program.
  • Universitat de Barcelona

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Agreement in matters of common interest related to auditing, enterprise and economics.
  • Ship2B Foundation

    Ship2B Foundation

    The agreement foresees the establishment by a senior auditors' committee of a tool for monitoring social entrepreneurship projects, including strategic consulting, finance and the social impact of the project.
  • Bosch i Gimpera Foundation

    Bosch i Gimpera Foundation

    This agreement is aimed at the conducting of a study by the Research Team at the proposal of the CCJCC to analyse The evolution of the account auditing sector in Spain, its evolution during recent years and an analysis of the future.
  • Integrated Prevention and Safety Studies Foundation

    Integrated Prevention and Safety Studies Foundation

    This agreement aims to establish a cooperative framework between the Integrated Prevention and Safety Studies Foundation (FEPSI) and the CCJCC in order to carry out academic and research activities within the field of preventing corruption.


    The agreement is included in the Action Plan based on new good governance criteria, improving internal management, modernising information and providing support to municipalities. Its aim is to ensure greater control and speed in company mangement and governing bodies, with a view to achieving objectives and implementing a Best Practice Code, and the consolidation of external audits.
  • Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Justice

    Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Justice

    The purpose of this agreement is to promote and disseminate mediation in Catalonia as a means for resolving conflicts, through cooperation between the Private Law Mediation Centre of Catalonia and the CCJCC, based on the commitment to develop the functions it has as a professional mediation association, as set forth in article 22 of Act 15/2009.
  • Reempresa


    Advice both employers give their business as entrepreneurs willing to give them no continuity. Reempresa of Catalonia is establishing itself as an effective tool to prevent the closure of companies and is developing a strategy of maximum expansion in Catalonia for the period 2012-2016.
  • Anti-fraud Office

    Anti-fraud Office

    Collaboration in preventing corruption and promoting transparency and integrity. Cooperation in preparing and implementing probity manuals, ethical codes and other tools that will contribute to consolidating best practices in transparency and the rendering of accounts.
  • Public Audit Postgraduate Course

    Public Audit Postgraduate Course

    In conjunction with the Board of the Association of Local Government Secretaries, Auditors and Treasurers of Catalonia (CSITAL), School of Public Administration of Catalonia (EAPC), Association of Economists of Catalonia (CEC) and Universitat de Barcelona (UB), the CCJCC has contributed to organising the Public Audit Postgraduate Course.
  • Universitat Abat Oliba

    Universitat Abat Oliba

    Collaborative agreement with Universitat Abat Oliba for the programming, implementation and execution of the Master's Degree Programme in Auditing and Accounting.


    Cooperative agreement to promote mutual participation in events for the dissemination of best practices in the areas they represent, collaborating in the programming of continuous training courses and refresher courses, and cooperating in business, social responsibility and corporate finance projects.
  • CSITAL Catalunya

    CSITAL Catalunya

    Joint organisation and execution of training activities in areas related to public sector legal, economic, budgetary, accounting, tax and audit systems of common interest to the members of both entities, and to other professionals and companies carrying out their activity or providing their services to public authorities.   
  • ISACA Barcelona

    ISACA Barcelona

    Establish the framework and means for the joint dissemination, training and research that will benefit both parties. 
  • Barcelona Provincial Council

    Barcelona Provincial Council

    Establishment of a cooperative framework between Barcelona Provincial Council through the Economic Area's Labour Market Service and the Association in order to work together for the integration of people with special difficulties in finding work into the labour market, while respecting the different characteristics of each person.
  • Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

    Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

    The option of the mutual rental of the halls and training classrooms of both entities in their respective headquarters.

    The possibility of the members of the Association offering the training classroom being able to register for the activity if the training is not aimed exclusively at the members of the organising Association.

    Promotion of training activities that may be useful to both associations.

    Creation of a Mixed Committee to serve as a liaison between both Corporations and examine the proposals, complaints and problems submitted by lawyers and auditors to their Associations with respect to the actions of the other professional body, in order to establish common protocols of action and coordination between associations.
  • Barcelona City Council - Municipal Treasury Institute

    Barcelona City Council - Municipal Treasury Institute

    Use of online channels to process, on behalf of third parties. The Municipal Treasury Institute has created the Professional Folder, an online application that allows professionals and their partners or employees to perform a series of online formalities.


    As the founder member of ACCID the Association is a member of its Board and supports the entity in the events it organises, promoting relations between professionals and assisting in work committees and in relation to the accounting information generated by ACCID.