Non-profit entities

The ENL (Non-Profit Entity) Sector Group has the main mission of promoting contacts between the Association and national entities, to improve transparency in the non-profit entities sector.

This Group's activities are focused on contributing comments on Catalan civil legislation with respect to the new General Accounting Plan in reference to foundations and associations and offering a response to issues raised within the group arising from the national non-profit entities sector.
  • Collaboration with ACCID in aspects related to the Non-profit entity annual accounts report.
  • Participation in one of the Professional Auditor Forum talks, along with the Catalan office of the AEDAF, on New Non-profit entity Accounting and Tax Developments.
  • Article in L’Auditor magazine entitled “FOUNDATIONS: forms of business finance and tax implications”.
  • Meeting with the Catalan Third Social Sector Entities Board in order to cooperate via institutional channels with the Association of Chartered Accountants in seminars, courses and conferences.
  • Montse Enrique -Coordinadora-

    Montse Enrique -Coordinadora-

    Grup Integral d'Auditors, SLP

  • Joan-Anton Abad

    Joan-Anton Abad

    Auditing, SL

  • Josep Morera

    Josep Morera

    Audiaxis Auditores, SLP

  • Maria Eugènia Bailach

    Maria Eugènia Bailach


  • Ferran Busquet

    Ferran Busquet

    Busquet Estudi Jurídic, SL

  • Juan José González-Simó

    Juan José González-Simó

    González & Cia. Auditors, SL

  • Teresa Salas

    Teresa Salas

    Activa Auditoria i Consultoria, SLP

  • David Sallán

    David Sallán

    GM Auditors, SL

  • Lluis Vidiella

    Lluis Vidiella

    Vidiella & Rosa, Auditores, SRC