26th Professional Auditor's Forum

We are auditors! We innovate and face changes

7 - 8 July 2016
Hotel Melià Sitges

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S1 Challenges of the New Audit Act:  

S2 Big Data, an analytical tool. Present and future:  

S3 Mindfulness or the art of being present. Stress management:  

S4 The future of international tax:  

S7 Only fools confuse value with price - Assessment of micro enterprises in Catalonia (Reempresa):  

S9 Challenges and opportunities of compliance models:  

S10 The accounting expert figure, an opportunity:  

S11 Auditing risks. A new paradigm:  

S12 The future of corporate information:  

S14 Alternatives in resolving conflicts and business mediation: new role of the auditor:  

S15 Hacking & Cybersecurity for fun and profit: