RECC (Register of Accounting Experts of Catalonia)

The figure of the Accounting Expert has been regulated for more than a century in some western countries where it is firmly implanted in social terms. However, Spain has not had a similar evolution and although the term has been used relatively frequently to refer to accounting professionals, no similar accreditation to the one in these countries exists.

The Professional Association of Chartered Accountants of Catalonia (CCJCC) and the Association of Economists of Catalonia (CEC) have signed an agreement to create the Register of Accounting Experts of Catalonia, hereafter RECC (CEC-CCJCC).

The main functions of the RECC will be to establish itself as an entity that accredits professionals who are members of the CEC and the CCJCC as qualified Accounting Experts based on the Accounting Expert accreditation system of the General Council of Economist Associations and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain.

They will also provide society with a list of accredited Accounting Experts based on the CGE-ICJCE system and ensure that the RECC (CEC-CCJCC) members have access to the information and services provided in general by the REC-Register of Expert Accountants- (CGCE-ICJCE) to its members.

This will contribute to improving the image of accredited accounting experts and increase their presence in society.

The RECC (CEC-CCJCC) will act in coordination with the REC. Membership of the RECC automatically entitles users to be registered members of the REC and vice versa.

The territorial scope of the RECC (CEC-CCJCC) is Catalonia.