MOOC-extended on Confirming (19-20)

4 November 2019 to 30 Septembre 2020
1 hour of Other Subjects (ICAC & RECC)
We present the first MOOC-extended course of the School of Auditing:

This new course mode provides rapid, quality training on specific topics in an online format that is adapted to the needs of each student. It also permits the professionalisation of practices.

Confirming is a new financial service offered by certain entities that manage the payments of a company to its national suppliers.

The MOOC-extended course is online and organised through our EOA platform:

  1. Analysis of the Confirming product as a financial instrument for small and medium enterprises.
  2. Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Confirming compared to other products for financing working capital (trade discounts, loans...).
  3. Review of the most important aspects to be considered in contracting the product with banks.
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